Thursday, May 7, 2009

How many marketing guys does it take to hammer a nail?

A few years ago I was at work, banging a nail into a wall so my designer could hang a photo of her husband and kids ( I was a Director of Marketing then and more given to kindliness) and one of the IT guys (Help Desk) walks by and says, “How many marketing guys does it take to hammer a nail?”

I thought about it, as it was a fair question, considering IT guys want to know stuff nobody else is even aware of. I came up with an answer and in doing so I hope I’ve furthered the progress of information technology.

Determine the quantity of marketing manpower sufficient to drive a nail with a hammer.



One marketing person to develop a toe-in-the-water concept of driving a nail into something.

Two more to flesh it out with demographic-friendly parameters.

One more to add the “Wow Factor”.

Another one to present a “what if” scenario to management.

And yet one more to bang out a look & feel campaign in three flavors.

subtotal: 6 staff.



Hello? Nail?

People, people, listen up!

"Nail" was last week. Don’t task me with ”nail”. It is so not anti-gravity.

Pipe it out to Mumbai or give it to the pro bono guys but we totally have a creative synergy sharing huddle on crisis identity in ten minutes. Clean slates! Clean slates!

Total: 0 staff.

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