Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mind blogging discovery

After exhaustive research spanning centuries and the use of what's called "super-analytics" applied to a composite of all databases that ever were and projections of all that will be, scientists have made the controversial discovery that we are not alone.

Right, shook me up too.

According to them, there are other people on this planet besides you and me. Lots of them, they say.

I have to confess that now and then I wondered if all those cars on the freeway didn't each have a meat center to them.

I'll have to rethink the Internet now. Apparently there are real human beings at the other end of e-mails and the World Wide Web is not just some complex system run amok for my amusement. Or yours. Does this mean that professional wrestling is actually real?

Hello, where did you all come from and why are you here?

Y'all will need computers. They've taken over the planet so you have to have one.

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