Sunday, May 3, 2009

Life 101

In my last blog I revealed a major scientific finding: we are not alone. I'd like to address this new blog entry to all those people we now find ourselves surrounded by.

Howdy. Welcome Neighbor.

I hope y'all are settling in OK. I'd like to offer you a few facts to help orient you. Wish I had 'em when I got here. All I got was Howdy Doody on a black and white cathode ray tube, and some of my friends say it shows.

There are only three facts you need to begin with:

1. The little pink cardboard boxes usually contain donuts.

2. Late last century, computers took over Earth.

3. It's all good.

Don't let #2 cause you any consternation. They came in peace and had us assemble them and build their refinements. Lacking self-awareness, they are not perfect and some of the things they produce are a little off. Like when they tried to create humans via computer generated imaging. They came up with androids like Paris Hilton and nearly caused a black hole.

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